Most people who hear “Fredericksburg” think “Civil War History”.  Yes, there were four, major battles here in the 1860s and touring those ‘fields’ (Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, the Wilderness, and Spotsylvania Court House) is awe-ing.  But, Fredericksburg itself has several, designated Historic Districts and Hallowed Ground Tours is pleased to offer architectural tours of these areas pointed out the buildings and telling the stories of people and sites from five different centuries dating back to 1608.  Thematic tours can be developed, as well, based on topics of interest to an individual.

The Tourmaster usually begins inquiry calls and e-mails with the information that all of these ‘fields’ are spread over an area in excess of 120 square miles.  Time and distance bring home the reality of “how much can I see in a day”.  There is no way to see all of it in one day.

Because each visitor brings a different level of knowledge and interest, there is no one, “set”, scripted tour.  Rather, each tour is crafted to an individual’s wishes.  Questions are always welcomed.

Write or call for rates and availability.  Tours are given in your vehicle (which could be a car, a van, or a bus) with you driving at a guide’s direction.  Information and map packets are provided at the end of each tour.


Fredericksburg [View of Fredericksburg from across river]. United States Sanitary Commission, Creator
Gardner, Alexander (1821-1882), Photographer. Public Domain from the New York Public Library.

U.S. Sanitary Commission, Fredericksburg, four views. 1861-1871. Public Domain from the New York Public Library.